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Dexter: (734) 426-6210
pharmacist vaccinating patient


We administer the following immunizations:

  • Influenza (Quadrivalent) | Given Annually | Flu Vaccine Info

  • Shingles | Given for people 50 years and older with previous chicken pox infection | Shingles Vaccine Info

  • Pneumonia | We carry both Prevnar 20 and Pneumovax 23

  • Tetanus/Diptheria with Pertussis (Adacel) | Given as the 10 year booster for tetanus and also for those with contact with newborns | Tdap Vaccine Info

  • COVID-19. | WE ARE OUT OF COVID-19 VACCINES UNTIL FALL 2024 | Moderna ages 12+ and Moderna ages 6-11 in stock | COVID-19 Vaccine Info

Most vaccinations are covered by insurance.

Pharmacy Services

We offer a wide array of pharmacy services to serve you better. From vaccinations, to med packaging, to personalized compounding, we're constantly innovating so you can get the most out of your pharmacy.
spilled bottle of pills
pills on a calendar

Medication Synchronization

  • We synchronize your meds to all be refilled at the same time each month

  • No more making multiple trips to the pharmacy

  • Receive a notification when all your medications are ready for pick-up

  • Never run out of meds due to vacations or holidays

  • We'll let you know if you need a new script from your doctor for the next fill

dispill packaging

Medication Packaging

  • Your pharmacist will work with you to determine what time of day each medication should be taken

  • We will pack your medications based on date and time of administration

  • We can even pack supplements with your medications

  • No more need to fill your own pill box

  • Great option for caregivers

  • Easy to open packs

  • Great for on-the-go

pharmacist consulting patient

Medication Education and Counseling

  • Your pharmacist will review all your medicines and supplements and answer your questions

  • We’ll work with you to make sure your medicines are working as intended

  • We’ll work with you and your doctor to solve medication-related problems.

  • We’ll make sure you’re taking only the medicines that are working for you

  • Regular medication reviews with your pharmacist will maximize your health outcomes AND help you control your overall healthcare costs

woman with crutches

Home Medical Equipment

We carry a wide variety of home medical equipment including:

  • Compression Stockings

  • Walkers

  • Rollators

  • Knee Scooters

  • Bath Safety

  • Aids for daily living

  • Hospital Grade Supports and Braces

  • Walking Boots

  • Night Splints

  • Diabetic Testing Supplies

We measure you at the pharmacy to ensure the correct fit.

assorted supplements

Pharmaceutical-Grade Vitamins

At Jensen’s Community Pharmacy, we only carry quality pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements that we can recommend with confidence.

The brands we carry follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) so they can guarantee what is on the label is in the bottle.


We carry brand such as:

  • Pure Encapsulations

  • Ortho Molecular

  • NOW vitamins

  • DaVinci Labs

  • Thorne Laboratories

  • Solutions Rx

Don’t see the product you want?  Just ask and we can order it for you.

pharmacist holding mortar and pestle


No matter your age, lifestyle, or overall well-being, you deal with health concerns that are individual to you. With compounding, we make personalized medications possible. When mass-produced prescriptions aren’t working, your doctor can prescribe a custom combination of ingredients that will deliver the exact strength you need in the best dosage form for you.


Benefits of compounding:

  • Get your medication in the exact strength you need

  • Change the form of the medication so it is easier to take or more effective

  • Remove ingredients to avoid allergic reactions

We specialize in compounding medications for pets!

prescription bag outside

Local Delivery

Life gets busy, and there never seems to be enough time in the day. When you feel like you're being pulled in every direction, avoid the hassle of a trip across town and let us come to you. With our delivery service, your medications are just a phone call away.

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